Monday 29 October 2007

The new COP Postcard

What`s behind? This is more than just a nice picture of Cotillo Beach. This postcard comes with a message. On the backside you will find some facts about the duration of litter in the environment. For example, if you drop a cigarette butt on the beach it will last for 20 years, a plastic lighter needs 100 years to vanish and a nappie will still be there in 1000 years!
So next time you go to the beach, think about it. Bring a bag with you and collect your litter. And when you leave and you come across a plastic bag, a can of coke or other stuff, pick it up. It will make a difference! You can get the new Cleanoceanproject postcard in our shops at the harbour of Cotillio and Corralejo. Enjoy the ocean!