Wednesday 15 August 2012

A postcard with best regards from a unique Island.

Sometimes it is really nice how things come together. When Mikol Olivares Sanchez, a spanish art student from Las Palmas, contacted us for the first time, she was worried and curious about the developement of the planned oil rigs on the Canarian Islands. She wanted to do something, so she created the „Naked Lady“ - most of you have seen the image on our Facebook Page. Since then we are in touch with Mikol and now she contributed another image for our latest campaign - this postcard.

The Clean Ocean Project and the Surfrider Foundation Program „Keepers of the Coast“ have printed 5000 pieces of it. The message is clear: Say „No“ to oil rigs on the Canary Islands. This time we want to invite the tourists to do something. We think it is important that they get all the information they need and spread it by sending the postcard to their family and friends. That they realize that the beauty, the nature and the uniqueness of the Canary Islands which they enjoy is threatend. Furthermore we want to inform the tourists, that the energy plan of the spanish governemt is based only on oil. Although alternative energy resources like wind and sun are plenty and easy to be accessed.We will hand out these postcards especially to the tourists on Fuerteventura and Lancerote - ofcourse with the invitation to sign our petition.
Speaking of it, we have reached 16.222 signatures so far. Great, but not enough. So we come up with a figure we want to reach at the end of this year: 100.000! That match the population of Fuerteventura.
Please help us to reach this goal by signing and sharing our online petition. We also ask you as an organisation to support this campaign. Feel free to contact us at