Saturday 9 March 2013

Featured Athletes for NO OIL CANARY ISLANDS campaign

Yannick Anton

Big Wave Rider Yannick Anton lives on Fuerteventura. He comes from a sailing family, started windsurfing at the age of 9 near his home town Nice (French Riviera). 
In 1998 he began to compete and travelled throughout Europe and North Africa, searching for the best wave conditions. In 2001 he entered the PWA. He was regularly placed top 3 in the jumping discipline. In January 2006, during the London Boat Show, he performed the first ever indoor double forward loop.
Following an injury break, he spent some months mountain walking and camping in the Alps and decided to move to Fuerteventura to find some stability. He is wave-riding almost every day and taking part in some extreme competitions.
Yannick lives in a house with solar panels, no need for additional energy sources. He wave-rides for, supports their philosophy and campaigns and he is a really nice guy, positive and open minded. If he is not out there chasing big waves he works in his windsurf school on Fuerteventura.

Kepa Acero 

A surfer of note, this energetic globetrotter from the Basque Region of Spain lives his life in a constant state of motion and stoke, where borders and the things they imply simply don’t warrant recognition. His enthusiasm is contagious and has spread to the thousands who regularly tune in to watch installments of his homemade video productions that treat viewers like friends, taking them on a long journey to enlightenment—one funny, touching, obscure interaction at a time.

Janni Hönscheid

Janni, 21 years old, was born on an island in the north sea called Sylt, but at the age of 2 weeks
her parents

moved to Fuerteventura, where she grew up in a house right next to the ocean. Naturally, she grew into the beach lifestyle and when she first stood up on a wave at the age of 10 she fell in love with surfing and the freedom of the sea.

Janni made the 1st place in the Longboard Woman German Champs 2012 and 2nd place in the Open Woman German Champs 2012, but she isn’t the most competitive person. She rather explores places and surfs all by herself. She loves enjoying the sea everyday, and when the swell goes smaller, she nose-rides on her longboard or SUPs. She does Yoga to stay flexible and likes jogging. To finance her journeys she works as a freelance model. Janni hopes to see an oil free world, where even surf boards are made without oil.

El Pks: Jose Luciano Casillas Dorta

El Pecas, master of the Canaries.
They call him ‘El Pecas’. He’s Luciano Casillas, born in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria in 1972. His family was struggling for economical wealth. Basic emotions had to be covered, showing a weakness was impossible. In this environment, El Pecas became an introverted kid.
He lived his emotions in the water, and in drugs: Marihuana, Cocaine, Extasy. In the nights, he saw the darkest places of Europe, during the days he surfed with the best surfers of the world: Martin Potter, Matt Hoy, Timmy Curran, Kelly Slater. His life was an action movie, he saw all hospitals in Canaries.
One day, during a break from hospital, he surfed with Timmy Curran in Lanzarote. Timmy told him to read the Bible and to continue surfing – nothing else. Pks  didn’t return to hospital, he followed the advice. His life changed. He married, got a son, works a lot for the church and lives in Fuerteventura. Pks surfs every day and wherever he appears, he has the respect. This summer coma productions made a film about his life:
Pks knows what is means to be out of balance – he doesn’t want to see the Canaries covered with oil, but wants to see his son growing up with renewable energies.

Tony Butt

A doctor and his passion for big Swells: Tony Butt is one of those guys you won’t connect with big (meaning really big) waves when meeting him for the first time. Inconspicuously dressed, humble in his appearance, unpretentiously when talking about himself and his achievements. But under the surface… Tony has a PhD in Physical Oceanography, does wave forecasting for various publications, is author of several books related to surf science and works as a volunteer for various environmental groups such as Surfers Against Sewage. But first and foremost he is a big wave surfer.
Tony spent a better part of his life chasing the biggest swells on the European Continent, scoring some world’s first along the northwestern tip of Spain. But he really doesn’t like tow-in surfing and contests at all.

Maía Andrés

María is professional windsurfer and graphic designer. When she was 8 years old, her bothers    
founded a windsurf school in La Bahía, where María learned to windsurf. She fell in love with the ocean and the waves and spent her money on flights to the Canaries and Hawaii. Today, she competes in slalom and wave riding and works as a graphic designer. She’s happy to do what she loves to do and to learn every day.
She wants to protect and preserve the environment and she does not believe that oil drilling is a solution for the economical problems in Spain.

Lazi Ruediger

Ladislaus "Lazi" Ruedegger was born in 1989 in Viena but is living in Fuerteventura since he’s 2 years old. He’s a professional surfer, Quicksilver-rider,  and besides surfing likes diving, fishing, music, and party. He knows the ocean beneath its surface.
Lazi wants to protect the sea-life, the dolphins, whales, and other fishes. He loves La Vaca Azul, the local Restaurant in El Cotillo, Fuerteventura, where the fishermen drop their fish to be cooked the same day. He does not believe that as many people will be employed by oil ships, as are employed by fishing, cooking, and serving of sea-food.

Pablo Valencia (FortyFeet)

Pablo is Spanish SUP-champion, he lives on Fuerteventura, loves to kite-surf, bodysurf, and long-board. He knows every sand particle of the coast and every person in the water. He wants to experience the ocean in every possible way. The last thing he wants is to see, is his island facing an oil spill.

Nicole Boronat

Stephane Etienne and Nicole Boronat are one of the nicest windsurfers’ couple. They helped promote windsurfing in the world and seized the top rankings during their PWA years.

Stephane and Nicole have organised the Fuerteventura Experience, an invitational event, and dedicated time for

Nicole says: “When I was at school, I always wanted to skate, to be with my friends in the skatepark; I was feeling I was part of a mixture between sport, art, culture, music.”

Born in Paris Nicole’s career began with her first skate national title at the age of 16. Skateboarding brought her to surfing, windsurfing, and SUP. At age 24 she was a professional windsurfer. She packed her bags and followed her boyfriend Stephane Etienne (pro windsurfer, surfer) to Tarifa.

She loves the ocean because of the freedom it provides. She wants to give what’s inside of her. She wants to make a good impression on the kids, on the people, wants to motivate and refuel their dreams. 

Stephane Etienne 

Stephane Etienne grew up in Africa, Tunez, until the age of 11 when his family decided to go to France, Almanarre. He started surfing and windsurfing. With 16, he became a lifeguard in Biarritz. At the age of 20, he decided to move to Tarifa to become a professional windsurfer

He has competed in most wave events in the world; many time reaching the top 3. In 2001 his fans have voted his Trip in India for the Boards Awards ceremony in Paris. His vast popularity has taken Stephane around the world on trips for magazines, promotions, and videos.
He now lives in Fuerteventura and enjoys the conditions of surfing and windsurfing in his European Hawaii.
He says: ”Competition is nice, but you can promote ocean activities through different ways.” He wants to windsurf and Stand up paddle the best he ever can. And he wants to protect the environment from greed.

Jose Maria Cabrera Hernandez

His nickname is Vaca. He’s from Lanzarote, sponsored by Electric Visual, Pukas, Dakine, Adio, Nixon, and Volcom.Vaca loves any person with a good heart. He tries to make his surfing different, explosive, to air rebelliousness.He likes what he’s doing and wants to give his temperament to keep the area protected from oilrigs.

Nayra Alonso

Nayra wants to wave-ride against oil, because she is pregnant and she wants her child to grow up in a sustainable environment.
Nayra was born in1979, in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria. She spent the summers in Fuerteventura, in las Payitas and saw the windsurfers. In high school, she tried windsurfing and since then she didn’t stop. She bought her first gear, and drove to the beach. She started going to Vargas and learned wave riding. Nayra became addicted to the sport. She competes since 2001.
Her passion is the ocean and the wind.

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