Wednesday 18 April 2012

15.000 say NO to another deepwater oil spill on the Canary Islands.

Our campaign to sign the petition against the planned oil drilling in front of Fuerteventura and Lancerote has moved many people. We are happy that after one month we already passed the little milestone of 15.000 signatures. Or should we say 15.000 loud voices against the ignorance of politicians and the audacious behaviour of Repsol.
And to all of you who did not sign yet, do it now! Sign here!

We would like to thank the Surfrider Foundation Europe for their support by adding the petition on their agenda from Keepers Of The Coast! Muchas gracias!

But not only on the Web people are getting organized against Repsol and it´s henchmen. On the 24th of March the Canary Islands has seen the biggest demonstration ever. Ten thousends where on the streets of Puerto del Rosario/Fuerteventura and Arrecife/Lancerote. And they had one clear message: NO OIL ON CANARY ISLANDS!